The Most Common Mistakes People Make in Export Business

Twelve wrongs that small firms make the most when they start exporting.

1. Not to benefit from export consultancy services or not to provide the necessary information before developing an international marketing strategy and making a marketing plan.

2. The inability of top management to overcome the difficulties encountered in exporting and to fulfill the financial requirements.

3. Being careless about selecting representative or distributors in the target market.

4. Instead of focusing on a few geographical regions, looking for customers from all over the world.

5. Ignoring exports when there is an explosion in domestic market sales.

6. Inability to establish relationships with customers in foreign markets as you do with internal distributors and customers.

7. Assuming that a product or a marketing technique will automatically succeed in all markets.

8. Not being willing enough to develop products according to foreign markets rules and cultural preferences.

9. Service, sales and warranty documents are not prepared in foreign languages.

10. Not considering to get help from an export management company in case of the firm does not have its own export department.

11. For reasons such as the company's lack of resources, import restrictions,  or having a large product range, the firm is reluctant to enter foreign markets on its own.  In this case, not to make license or joint venture agreements.

12. Fail to provide after-sales services for the product.

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